Ghana Reads Phase 4 Deployment

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Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana has simultaneously deployed its Ghana Reads Programme in public basic schools supported by World Vision Ghana in two of their APs.

The deployment process includes an introduction of the intervention to heads and teachers in selected programme schools as well as local education officials, setting up of the Basic eLearning Libraries (BeLLs) in the programme schools and the official handing over of project related equipment by World Vision to local administrative and GES authorities.

Each project school received a Raspberry, a Secure Digital Card housing a BeLL, a wireless device, 7” Android tablets with headsets, a tablet with cast feature, a laptop, an HDMI projector, a wireless display adaptor, a speaker with built in amplifier, a laptop and a power stabilizer.

The deployment took off in the first week of July. 3rd to 7th July, 2017. The schools that benefited from the deployment were:

 Afram Plains AP

1.       Tease St. James Primary School

2.        Bebuso RC primary School

3.       Dedeso RC Primary School

4.       Asankasu RC Primary School


 Fanteakwa AP

1.        Domi Primary

2.       Dwinase DA Primary A

3.       Dwinase DA Primary B

4.       Kplandey DA Primary

As part of the deployment process teachers, heads and the local GES representative were told what the programme, its importance and what was expected of them. They were given their initial training on the use of the devices with a promise that school based training was to follow very soon.




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