Living Up To Its Cooperate Social Responsibility

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As part of its Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR), OLE Ghana has adopted Bethany Methodist Basic School at Dzorwulu to support them in their education delivery activities. The adoption has seen OLE Ghana set up its international award winning Ghana Reads and other teacher support programs in the school. Dzorwolu Bethany Methodist Basic School will therefore enjoy OLE Ghana’s programs which should see improvement in teacher output and pupils’ learning comes.

 As a first step, OLE Ghana has undertaken an audit of Dzorwolu Bethany Methodist School’s ICT infrastructure and donated some basic IT equipment the school needs to enjoy OLE Ghana’s programs. OLE Ghana has installed in the school’s Computer Laboratory an offline digital library, which has stories in English as well as in various local languages, teaching aids, learning materials for all classes and in various formats.

This has been followed with an initial introduction of the Ghana Reads program, where the teachers were introduced to how the program works. There has also been an INSET on PowerPoint done at the request of the teachers. Teachers have also been taught how to integrate technology in their lesson delivery. Coaching is being done periodically to monitor the integration of the technology and OLE will put in place a continuous program to develop the school’s human resource capacity to effectively use the equipment to the benefit of the school pupils.

It is the hope of OLE Ghana that Dzorwolu Bethany Methodist Basic School will be worthy ambassadors of the OLE Ghana brand and its related programmes and would be ready and able to demonstrate OLE Ghana’s program(s) in action when called upon to do so.


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